Apache Pine: Wooden Watches


    So I’m usually not a big fan of watches.  They feel cumbersome and uncomfortable.  But I just got a new watch for my travels from Apache Pine and I have to tell you, I am completely in love!  It’s a wooden watch made of renewable bamboo. The strap is made from authentic leather giving a comfortable yet snug fit that doesn’t rub or chafe.  It’s also splash resistant and scratch resistant so I know that it will be able to endure any adventures I encounter.  My favorite part about this lightweight, eco-friendly watch is not only is it reliable but it’s fashionable as well.  The tiffany blue accents give it a bit of a wayward gypsy flare.  Whether I’m traveling, at work or at school one look at this watch and it’s unique wooden structure has me yearning for another adventure.

    To tell you the truth it was hard for me to pick just one watch.  Apache Pine offers a variety of exquisite wooden watches.  Thanks to nature, every watch is exclusively individualized due to the variations and grain of the wood.  From sandalwood to maple, these meticulously crafted wooden watches are one of a kind and a perfect accessory for every traveler at heart.

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